Me and Miss Jones

***Naughty goings on with a retired BBW housekeeper. (MF, bbw, affair)*** "Of course you'll stay there, I bloody insist!" said John playfully, he is a good friend and always go that bit more for me. I have to work on the coast and when I asked him for help with…continue reading →

Twin Sisters

This is fiction all the names and places are not real. I volunteer at a museum a couple of times a week. I enjoy meeting different people and it beat the hell out of working. The boss said that he wanted his employees to do volunteer work so I do.…continue reading →

The Boss

It was a bad day to begin with. An electrical storm had knocked ou the power, so Jeff's alarm didn't go off. Even though he woke up with enough time to make it to work, he got held up by a slow moving freight train at a railroad crossing. Despite…continue reading →

Aunt Sue Visits

This is part 2 of 2. Part 1 is available here. "Hey Dad, what time did Aunt Sue say she'd be here?" Aaron yelled from the top of the stairs. He was fresh from his shower, his hair still wet, a towel wrapped around his middle. His upper torso was…continue reading →

Aaron’s Aunt Sue

This is part 1 of 2. Part 2 is available here. Aaron kicked his tire in his frustration. Damn! Only four more days before the new semester started and his car has to decide to die seven hours from home. The mechanic said he could get it running again, but…continue reading →

Risala of Risa

Julian Bashir probably was the unhappiest vacationer on Risa. He'd gone to Risa for a break, and to clear his head and think about his life, and his Dabo-girl girlfriend, and Garak. His friend Garak, the "simple tailor", whom he sat across a tiny table from at lunch, day after…continue reading →

Maggie’s Encounter

His hands wandered over my body from the swollen breasts to the mountainous expanse of my belly. He climbed on the bed and straddled my legs rubbing his now erect penis slowly up and down each soft thigh. I reached up to pull him closer and he now lay stretched…continue reading →

Fat Gerta

St. Freja's Abbey, Saxony, 1189 A.D. Resting her hands on her wide hips, the abbess, Fat Gerta, closely scrutinized the young man sitting before her. "You are young for a journeyman carpenter, are you not?" She handed the lad a cup of ale. "I assure you, Reverend Mother, I have…continue reading →